Friday, January 21, 2011


Today, I created my first podcast.  Unfortunately, Blogger won't let me post it here, so I have uploaded the file to YouTube and copied it below.  Happy listening!

Definition of Podcasting provided by Wikipedia.

***EDIT*** To upload this podcast, what I had to do was save the podcast as an .mp3 file, then create a movie in iMovie with this as the soundtrack.  I then saved that project as a .mov file, and uploaded it to YouTube.  I then took the "embed" code off of the YouTube site, and embedded it into the blog using the "Edit HTML" tab.


  1. I love the extra sound effects from other groups podcasts in the background. It really highlights the need for quiet space to podcast- a limiting factor in classrooms. By the way, it can also be done at school rather than: "at home or in the computer lab at home" (1:55). While the ability to revise is a benefit, the mistakes can be harder to catch.

  2. Your voice in incredibly soothing :) You should do voice actor work! Sounds like I missed an exciting class (judging by the laughing in the background)